For the coffee connoisseur in your life, give them a gift that is as compelling as it is delicious: New Kings Coffee’s selection of fair trade and organic beans come in little satchels like tea bags, giving you that barista quality without the hassle of a coffee machine. You can just pop one into your cup to create a perfectly balanced brew.

Jason Nichols launched this small but mighty coffee bag company in 2017, after he grew “disenchanted,” as he called it, with his corporate banking career. He struck upon the idea during one of the many instances when he was left underwhelmed by the refreshments table during conferences and meetings. He remembers how he would be “presented with a beautiful selection box of black, white and herbal teas,” he writes on their website, “but alongside an anonymous flask of fairly average coffee.” And then it struck him: “Why wasn't there a selection box of coffee”?

Based in Bristol, New Kings Coffee now offers a selection of four coffee bags of different origins and roasts, covering a wide spectrum of coffee preferences. In the selection box, there’s an Ethiopian light roast, with notes of blackcurrant and cherry; a Guatemalan medium roast, with an acidic finish of almond and toffee; a Sumatran dark roast with a chocolatey aroma; and a smooth and sweet Peruvian decaf, processed by the chemical-free Swiss Water process, which uses only water and temperature to decaffeinate coffee beans.

The coffee is currently packaged in laminated foil sachets, which keeps the coffee fresh, but can’t be easily recycled. So, New Kings Coffee offers consumers the chance to send their foil packets back to the company, where they’re then recycled with TerraCycle, an innovative recycling company that has a method for turning the hard-to-recycle foil sachets into reusable metals and plastics. Nichols explains that, while this method might be temporarily effective, he’s looking for other solutions. “We're also working with our suppliers to find a more environmentally friendly alternative to these foil sachets,” he wrote in a blog post.

Another reason you can feel good about supporting New Kings Coffee is that with every purchase, a percentage of the profits goes to Grounds for Health, a medical nonprofit that provides screening and treatment to cervical cancer patients in developing nations — the coffee-growing regions of the world.

To learn more about New Kings Coffee, and to purchase a selection of their offerings with Amazon Pay, visit their website visit their website.