Are you always on the lookout for sustainable alternatives? Consider paying some extra attention to the eco-friendliness of your footwear in 2020. It’s a great time to start shopping Rothy’s, the direct-to-consumer shoe brand at the vanguard of environmentally conscious shoe production.

Since launching in 2016, the San-Francisco-based company has converted over 35 billion plastic water bottles into hip and durable shoes. All of its products are made with recyclable, carbon-free and vegan materials. Rothy’s eliminates the waste usually created in shoe production by 3D knitting all their designs, and shipping them with entirely bio-degradable packaging.

In addition to thinking about the future of the planet, Rothy’s is embracing new innovations in modern online shopping. The company successfully integrated Amazon Pay into its web store last year, with great success, and they have now added an exclusive Alexa skill which makes buying your latest pair of Rothy’s that much faster.

The Rothy’s skill allows customers to order their ideal pair of Rothy’s shoes by selecting design, size, colour, and all other specifications verbally. It’s as simple as asking

Alexa, ask Rothy's to buy some flats.

With all its mobile and desktop transactions, Amazon strives to ensure maximum data security and privacy. Therefore, Alexa also allows shoppers to set up a four-digit access code to prevent all unsanctioned ordering via the Rothy’s skill. It also offers a convenient way for customers to get a shipping update by just asking Alexa to ask Rothy’s for order status.

Make a commitment to shopping for environmentally friendly, 100 % recyclable footwear by shopping Rothy’s using Alexa, which makes shopping and repeat shopping easy. Easily add the Rothy’s Skill to your Alexa device here.