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Jake Shoes sees an increase in sales, with Amazon Pay transactions going up from 14% to 20% within just three months.

Jake Shoes has become known for offering great footwear with a service that’s second to none. Stocking all top brands of shoes, the company is now one of the oldest independent footwear retailers in the UK, as well as one of the biggest. The company started in 1975 with a first shop in Macclesfield, before branching out to Stoke, Stockport and Manchester and, later, online too. It started as a family business set up by Jake’s parents who always had a passion for shoes.

"We have a loyal customer base, which is testimony to the great service we offer,” says Jake who now runs the business after his parents retired. “Like Amazon, we offer an easy service with no waiting and no fuss. We currently deliver 99% of orders with same day dispatch, and we offer free delivery as well as 10% off the first order. The loyalty we see is testimony to the great service we offer."

The online arm of the business is key to the company’s growth, so Jake knows making the website as successful as possible needs to be a top priority. “Our website needs to be kept to a high standard, so the products are fresh and it’s regularly updated. Amazon Pay is a great addition to encourage new customers to spend with us.”

Seamless Integration

Jake was first made aware of Amazon Pay through his website provider who had previously used the service on another site. Jake says setting it up was incredibly quick and easy. “It was a very simple set up process with great technical support. There was a two to three week turnaround from saying ‘yes’ to it being online. We had no problems at all, it was very simple and quick.”

With a dedicated account manager Jake says using Amazon Pay couldn’t be easier. “The account management we receive is fantastic. If we have any queries Amazon Payments have come back to us within the hour, and we were offered integration support too which was a great help. Our account manager was always in touch through the set up period, checking everything was going smoothly. He remains in touch with us every month to make sure everything is OK with Amazon Pay – it’s great to know I have a brilliant customer contact.”

Immediate results

The company started noticing a marked change as soon as Amazon Pay was implemented. The results were instant, says Jake. “We launched Amazon Pay in May 2014 and it surpassed expectations straight away. Three months after launching we were taking 20% of all transactions through Amazon Pay.”

“Having Amazon Pay on our site makes the whole checkout process easier,” says Jake. “It gives people confidence because Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world. It’s especially great for new customers – people think that if Amazon is involved then we must be a good company. Amazon Pay is great because customers don’t need to bother with registering as a new customer; they just log in and pay with Amazon Pay. With 30% of our customers being repeat and 70% being new, this is a great benefit to us as a business.”

Amazon Pay have speeded up the average transaction time on the Jake Shoes website, meaning the purchase process is now faster for customers. “Before, it would take around three to four minutes for a customer to register as a new customer and then check out,” says Jake. “Now, if using Amazon Pay, that whole process is reduced to just one minute. It only takes about three clicks and you’re done!”

Lifting conversion and sales

Experience shows customers are more likely to spend money on a website if they feel safe and secure using it. According to Jake, installing Amazon Pay has made a huge difference to lifting sales and attracting new customers. “Having Amazon Pay on our site helps our customers feel safe if they’ve never used us before, and we definitely get more customers because of this. Amazon’s A-Z guarantee protection is great for our new customers. Although we’ve never had any claims, we know the guarantee helps our customers feel reassured.”

This reassurance is a huge benefit for a business that prides itself on its customer service and loyal base of return spenders. “We’ve had lots of emails from customers saying they’ve had a fantastic service,” says Jake. “From the quick checkout to their new shoes arriving quickly, our customers are definitely pleased.”

Having a website that is easy to use has made a big impact on the business, according to Jake. “People return to our site because of the cost of our products, the ease of ordering and purchasing a product and the look of our website. It also helps that we offer 10% off the first purchase. Sales have gone up since we installed Amazon Pay and we’re finding we sometimes have to come in an hour early to cope with the extra business. This will likely mean we’ll need more staff to cope with the extra demand in the future, as our figures show growth month on month.”

The future

It’s an exciting time for Jake Shoes. With nearly forty years of successful trading behind it the company has the experience and expertise to make the next ten years the best yet. “Growing online is the main plan for us in the future,” says Jake. “We aim to still be trading as successfully as we are at the moment and we have goals to make this happen. You must have the right team working with you – not just the cheapest. And you must be prepared to spend in order to see great return. You’ve got to have the right marketplaces on board with the most optimised website and, above all, you must be prepared to work hard. Orders don’t just come to you – you have to work hard to get them.”

So would Jake recommend Amazon Pay as a way to grow your business? Absolutely. “I would recommend Amazon Pay with no hesitations. It you’re given the opportunity to have it on your website then you definitely should!”

Visit the Jake Shoes website: www.jakeshoes.co.uk

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