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Managing your Amazon account for Amazon Pay

Your Amazon Pay activity is linked to your Amazon account. You can change your Amazon account settings for Amazon Pay on the Amazon website.

Note: Changes you make on the Amazon website, apply to both Amazon Pay and Amazon websites.

What can I do on the Amazon website?

On the Amazon website you can:

  • Edit your account name, email address, mobile phone number and password
  • Add or remove a payment method
  • Edit credit or debit card information
  • Edit or add a billing address
  • Manage your backup payment methods - Learn more

To get started, sign in to the Amazon website, and then from the Account & Lists dropdown menu, choose Your Account.

  • To edit your account name, email address, mobile phone number and password, click Login & security.
  • To manage your payment methods and settings, click Your payments.
  • To edit a billing address associated with a payment method or add a new one, click Your payments.
  • To manage your backup payment methods, click Your payments, then click Settings, and then click Manage back-up payment method.

What can I do on the Amazon Pay website?

On the Amazon Pay website you can:

  • View your Amazon Pay orders and transactions
  • Find merchant contact information
  • Edit or delete merchant agreements
  • Update the payment method for suspended orders
  • File A-to-z Guarantee claims

To get started, click Sign in on top of this page, then click Check your Amazon Pay orders, and then sign in using your Amazon credentials.

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