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Viewing orders and transactions

Review your orders made with Amazon Pay

  1. Click Sign in on top of the page, and then click Check your Amazon Pay orders.
  2. Sign in with you Amazon credentials.
  3. On the Your Amazon Pay Activity page, find the corresponding order or transaction, and then click Details & Support.

Note: On the Your Amazon Pay Activity page, you find all activities with merchants off Amazon where you’ve used Amazon Pay during checkout. To see your account activity with the Amazon website, see Your Orders.

What's the status?

To understand the order status on your Purchase details page, use the information below.

Order status

What it means


You haven’t been charged yet. Your payment is being processed.
The merchant hasn’t captured the funds yet. After Amazon Pay has authorised the payment, the merchant can charge the amount. Some card issuers or banks might freeze the transaction amount after authorisation, which can appear in your account similar to a charge.

Note: If it wasn’t possible to complete the charge, the amount will be automatically released after a couple of days. The timeframe varies between card issuers or banks.

For more information, contact your card issuer or bank.


Your payment was processed and is complete. You’ve been charged.


Your payment was cancelled. You haven’t been charged.


You haven’t been charged. Your payment method was declined. Update your payment method to complete the payment. For more information, see Troubleshooting failed payments.

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