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Managing transactions

In Seller Central, you can view and manage the list of all payments approved by buyers on your website using Amazon Pay.

To see payment details, such as the date, buyer’s name and email, and the amount or to manage payment transactions, such as issuing refunds and contacting buyers:

  1. Sign in to Seller Central with your Amazon Payments merchant account.
  2. Click Menu ☰, then click Orders, and then click Manage Transactions.


Manage Transactions: 3:13

Terms and Definitions




Date when you confirmed your order to Amazon Pay.

Buyer Name

Name associated with the buyer’s Amazon account.

Buyer Email

Buyer’s email address associated with their Amazon account.


Total amount the buyer approved for the order.


Total amount that has been charged for the order.

Amazon Reference ID

Amazon's identifier for the payment approved by the buyer also referred to as the Amazon Order Reference ID in our technical documentation.

Merchant Order ID

The merchant order ID for the purchase.

Payment Status

Status of the approved payment. For more information, see Payment status.


Available action for a corresponding approved payment.
Note: Depending on the status of the approved payment, the only action you can you can perform is refund a payment. Note the maximum amount that can be refunded is 15% or GBP 75 (whichever is minimum) above the previously charged amount. The maximum number of refunds allowed for a given charge is 10.

Payment status

View the statuses displayed in Seller Central for a payment approved by a buyer.




When the status is Open, it indicates that you can collect a payment with or without previous authorisations.


When the status is Suspended, it indicates there is a problem with the payment method selected by the buyer. You can only collect payment if you have previously requested authorisations. If you don’t have existing authorisations, ask the buyer to update their payment information on Your Amazon Pay Activity page, and then try to collect the payment again.


When the status is Closed, it indicates that the payment is closed. You can only collect payment if you have previously requested authorisations.

An approved payment can result Closed if:

  • The approved payment has passed its validity period of 180 days.
  • You already requested the maximum number of charges for the order. Amazon Payments allows up to 10 charges per approved payment.
  • Amazon closed the payment because an A-to-z claim was decided against you or there were other internal issues.
  • You closed the payment.


When the status is Cancelled, it indicates the payment approved by the buyer was cancelled. You can’t collect any payments.

An approved payment can result Cancelled if:

  • You cancelled the payment.
  • Amazon cancelled the payment.