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Unauthorised charges

If you see an Amazon Pay charge on your bank or credit card statement and you’re not sure where the charge came from, review your Amazon Pay orders.

  1. Click Sign in on top of the page, and then click Check your Amazon Pay orders.
  2. Sign in with your Amazon credentials.
  3. On the Activity tab, find the corresponding order or transaction, and then click Details & Support.

If you can find the corresponding transaction, but still can't figure out where it originated, you can file a claim or report fraud or acceptable use policy violation.

To file a claim or report fraud or acceptable use policy violation:

  1. Search for the transaction that matches the charge in the Activity tab, and then click Details & Support.
  2. Choose File an A-to-Z Guarantee claim or Report fraud or misuse from the dropdown menu.

Note: If the corresponding order or transaction is in the Merchant agreements tab, go to Your Account, and then click Contact us.

If you can't find a transaction that matches the charge in Your Amazon Pay Activity, you might want to consider some other scenarios.

Another person that uses the same device or credentials might have used the payment method with their Amazon account. This might have happened unintentionally (e.g. by using cached data on a computer) or assuming that you agree with the payment. Consider the following common scenarios, in case this charge resulted from one of these situations:

  • Have you or a family member purchased anything by using your card or bank account on Amazon? Certain charges on Amazon also will show as Amazon Pay on your bank or credit card statement.
  • Do you have a spouse, friend, relative, or co-worker who has access to your card number and might have used Amazon Pay?
  • Did you send a gift to someone recently, either from an Amazon website or a site that uses Amazon Pay as a payment option?
  • Did you place an order in the past for a back-ordered item that was only recently dispatched?

Otherwise there can be a risk that an unauthorised person might have used your credit card or bank data. In this case we strongly recommend that you complete the following steps:

  1. To block the payment instrument used for the transaction or to take other appropriate security measures, contact your bank or card issuer as soon as possible.
  2. To receive your money back, you need to file a chargeback with your bank or card issuer. Note, that banks or card issuers can ask you for further supporting documents like a police report or a written oath during chargeback process.
  3. Check the security of your computer, smartphone and other devices on which you have stored your payment information, and change the password of your Amazon Pay account.
  4. Add an additional level of security to your account by setting up two-step verification, also known as multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  5. To help Amazon Pay preventing further misuse of your payment method, contact us and notify Amazon Pay buyer support.

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