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Additional security checks when shopping with Amazon Pay

Online payments using Amazon Pay are becoming even more secure because of added security checks. During checkout, you can be redirected to your bank’s or card issuer’s website to verify your credit or debit card payment.

The following information will help you to complete the verification.

How does it work?

A One Time Code

Via phone or email

Your Bank App

Through fingerprint or facial recognition

To maintain high security standards, your bank or card issuer can provide instructions to verify your card payment.

To verify your card payment follow the instructions on your bank’s or card issuer’s website carefully

After you completed verification, you’ll be redirected back to the checkout page and receive confirmation that your order was successful.

In some cases, you might be asked to sign in to your Amazon account to complete verification there.

The following tips will help you to prepare for verification:

Register with your bank to activate online payments

Make sure that you have activated the latest security standards for online payments at your bank.


Where required, use one-time verification codes or other methods used by your bank or card issuer

One-time verification codes are usually sent to your mobile phone number. Keep your mobile phone handy when shopping online.

If the verification process fails, what do I do?

If your bank requires that you enter a verification code, try again. You might have entered an incorrect verification code. A common mistake is to enter the phone number from which you received the security code. If you see an error message again or can't complete verification, contact your bank or the card issuer. Their phone number is usually indicated on the back of your card. You can also try to use a different payment method from your Amazon Wallet.

How can I make the verification process smoother?

To complete verification, make sure that:

  • You are the account holder. The bank needs to verify the identity of the actual account holder.
  • You carefully read the instructions on the verification page, and follow them closely.
  • You enter all requested information correctly as prompted.
  • You update your personal information with your bank or card issuer, including your email and phone number.
  • You’ve installed your bank’s or credit card issuer’s latest mobile phone app, where required for verification purposes. Also ensure you have all devices and instructions required from your bank to complete verification.

Do all payment methods require verification?

No, you can set direct debit as your preferred payment option. This payment method doesn’t require additional verification steps.