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Register to get the Amazon Pay button on your site or app.

Note Buyers don’t need to register. During checkout, they use their existing Amazon account credentials.

Verifying your identity

Your Amazon Payments merchant account is a regulated account that is used to receive funds processed through Amazon Pay and disburse them to you. Similar to banking institutions, Amazon is required by law to verify your personal, business, and banking information before you can use our service.

The reason for verifying identity is that we must know who we are doing business with. Amazon Payments does due diligence to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, and other illegal activities.

As a person or an entity who processes funds through Amazon Pay, you enter information related to identity when you register your Amazon Payments merchant account. During or after registration, we can ask you to upload one or more documents for proof of identity. We can ask for additional documentation after registration. Check your emails regularly.

Amazon Payments also verifies your bank account information. This is the bank account where you receive payments from your sales.

Until verification is complete, Amazon Payments can’t disburse (payout) to you.

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