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SCA fallback solution for your Amazon Pay Integration

Payment Services Directive II (PSD2) is a revision and a replacement of the first Payment Services Directive, regulating all payment services across the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and the United Kingdom. It became effective in January 2018 aiming to create a more open, competitive payments landscape across Europe. The revised directive introduced Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) – a set of new requirements for authenticating online payments expected to become mandatoryenforceable at the end of 2020 across the EEA region and in September 2021 in the United Kingdom.

In line with the new regulation, we have launched functionality that facilities authentication challenges customers. To fully benefit from this new functionality, merchants might be required to update their Amazon Pay integration.

If merchants have not updated their integration by the end of 2020 for the EEA region and by September 2021 for the United Kingdom they will automatically be switched to a fallback solution that meets PSD2 requirements for strong customer authentication, but does not offer the streamlined user experience a fully upgraded integration provides.

The checkout flow for the fallback option differs depending on the payment authorisation model a merchant uses. In general, merchants adopt one of two models – buyer present (synchronous) and buyer not present (asynchronous) authorisation.

Fallback flow for synchronous authorisations

In the fallback flow for synchronous authorisation customers will have to click button before they’re forwarded to the page where they can complete verification.

Fallback flow for asynchronous authorisations

The fallback flow for asynchronous authorisations will prompt customers to sign in to their Amazon account to complete the verification challenge there.

Amazon Pay strongly recommends all merchants that are using the fallback solution to perform an upgrade of their integration as soon as possible. To find out more, see Upgrading your Amazon Pay integration for PSD2.

If unsure, which authorisation model you use, here a very high-level definition: Merchants using the synchronous authorisation model authorise payments upon every order that is processed. Merchants using the a-synchronous authorisation model never authorise the payment immediately after the order was placed.

Merchants who have not implemented decline handling as recommended by Amazon Pay are not able to benefit from the fallback solution described above. Integrations without decline handling will not support SCA challenges.