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Register to get the Amazon Pay button on your site or app.

Note Buyers don’t need to register. During checkout, they use their existing Amazon account credentials.

Seller Central configuration

After you've completed registration with Amazon Pay, go through the following checklist step by step to complete Seller Central configuration to use the full potential of Amazon Pay.

Provide your bank account and credit card information

  • To receive disbursements of amounts collected from your customers, assign a deposit method to your Amazon Payments merchant account. Amazon Pay will disburse amounts collected from your customers to your deposit method at fixed intervals.
  • Add a charge method. The charge method you enter can be used by Amazon Pay to cover fees you owe.

Provide required information for account verification

  • Upload all required documents that Amazon Payments requests from you to verify your account.
    Note If you provide accurate information, and depending on your business type and information, verification can take up to 7 business days. If Amazon Payments needs more information, we will contact you by email or within your Amazon Payments Seller Central account. In this case, verification can take longer. Check your emails regularly.

Configure Amazon Pay for your online store

  • Add your store URLs (privacy policy URL, JavaScript Origins, Return URLs) to your Store ID configuration. You also find your Store ID on the linked page. The Store ID is required to configure Amazon Pay in your online store.
  • To have your store receive instant processing notifications (IPN), add your merchant URL to instant notification settings. You usually find the required URL in your plugin configuration. If you use a custom integration, your technician will be able to provide the required URL. If you enter 2 URLs, the notifications will be sent to both of them. Note that the IPN URLs must be set for both, the Production and Sandbox environment.
  • Upload your company logo that will show during checkout with Amazon Pay. To upload your logo, select your online store in the App or store name drop-down, and then click Edit.
  • Upload a banner image that will show in in the sign-in pop-up if you are using Amazon Pay without Sign-in with Amazon functionality.
  • Add your customer service details to your merchant information. Your contact information will show in Amazon Pay order and transaction confirmation emails your buyers receive.
  • Make sure your account notification settings are up to date and that you can access the corresponding email inboxes to receive notifications about necessary changes and required actions.

Other Seller Central settings

If you have any further questions about the account verification process or integrating Amazon Pay in your online store, contact Amazon Pay merchant support.