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Configure Amazon Pay for PrestaShop

After signing up for your Amazon Pay account, you can enable your Prestashop site to accept Amazon Pay as an additional checkout and payment method on your website.

  1. Sign in to your Prestashop admin.
  2. Select the option Module and Services > Payment , and search for Amazon Pay.
  3. Click Install next to the Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon extension and then click Configure.
  4. Go to the Connection tab and enter the values in the fields listed below. The values can be found in your Amazon Pay Merchant account in Seller Central under Integration > MWS Access Key > click the yellow button Copy your Keys and copy the entire text.
    1. Merchant ID
    2. Access Key
    3. Secret Key
    4. Client ID
    5. Client Secret
  5. Choose the Payment Region for which you registered your Amazon Pay Merchant account and click Save.
  6. Add your Instant Payments Notification (IPN) URL to your account in Seller Central under Settings > Integration Settings > Merchant URL and click Update.
  7. Add your Allowed JavaScript Origins and Return URLs to your account in Seller Central under Login with Amazon > Web Settings.
  8. Once the Allowed JavaScript Origins and Return URLs are entered in Seller central, go to the Configuration tab.
  9. Select Standard Configuration. This option will allow:
    1. To capture funds on order
    2. To authorise an order in Synchronous mode (the authorization will be processed during the checkout)
  10. Set the Mode to Sandbox (test) if you intend to test first in Sandbox mode or Production (live) if you would like to launch in Production mode.
  11. Save the configuration

Advance Settings

  1. If you want customers to be able to pay with any currency when using Amazon Pay, sign in to your Prestashop admin and go to Module and Services > Payment > Currency Restrictions panel and mark each checkbox for the currency, or currencies, in which you want Amazon Pay to be available. Then, click Save Restrictions.
  2. To ensure that you and your customers make the most of this checkout option, go to the Promotion tab. We recommend that you enable the Amazon Pay button enhancement in the cart, the banners and acceptance marks.
  3. For any technical issue, go to the Amazon Pay module in Prestashop and go to the Support tab. Click Run Troubleshooter to figure out the source of the problem. Alternatively, you can search what problems you are having under the section Commonly Faced Problems. These tools will provide you the root case and the step-by-step guide to solve the issue.

If you need further assistance, the Amazon Pay merchant support team is here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.